26 years ago, I left the U. S. and came to this unimaginably spectacular tropical paradise of Manuel Antonio, and never left. Can you blame me?

We started a sight seeing boat tour, 23 years ago, which is where we learned how to cater to our passengers and offer quality service.


Although our background is in sailing, this is really a much better place to fish. In fact, it’s one of the best places in the world for Big Game Fishing.People have always come here to fish, and they will keep coming, even if Costa Rica ceases to be one of the most popular tourist destinations.


We recognized that this is the single most unique experience that this area has to offer, and so when it came time to start another business here in Costa Rica, we decided that fishing offered the best potential. We hired the best captains and Mates, bought two beautiful, Luxury Sport Fishing Yachts, and set out to become the number one Sport Fishing company in Quepos, a goal which we have since realized.


Our son Mandel runs the business. He was raised in the tourism business, and is completely bi lingual. Customers really seem to enjoy the friendly, and professional way that he makes all of the arrangements for them, so that they can just relax and concentrate on fishing.


Not having come from a fishing background, it was a great revelation for us to discover what the thrill of “reeling in” Big Game Fish, was all about, and that this unique experience was not just for the avid fisherman, but an adventure that seems to have a universal appeal to women, as well as men, and people of all ages. In fact, the novice anglers get more excited when catching their first really big fish, than do the seasoned fishermen, for many of whom the novelty has passed. That newly discovered awareness of how much novice fishermen enjoy this thrilling experience, has led us to create unusual opportunities for couples and individuals, traveling alone, to be able to try this adventure, without the need to spend a lot of money, for a private charter. We serve not only the seasoned anglers, but the neophytes, as well.



Our Luxury Yachts provide an opportunity for visitors to Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Costa Rica to experience the thrill of reeling in a Big Fish, in comfort and style. Our full course, hot lunches and plentiful, refreshing beverages served in our fully air conditioned boats, provide a relaxing and pleasurable day on the water, punctuated by the exciting thrill of catching challenging Big Game Fish.