Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best month for Marlin and Sailfish? 


The Bill Fish are found year around.  

However, they do have their peak season.  

During the month of December through the end of April, we encounter the most bites for the Bill Fish during the offshore fishing charter.

How far is the fishing for the offshore tour?


There isn’t a specific amount that can be provided as fishing changes day to day. 

However, the distance to the most productive fishing grounds are within a 20 to 35 mile range from the point of departure.   

How far is the fishing for the inshore tour?


Again, there isn’t a specific number but it typically ranges between 7 to 12 miles from the point of departure. 

How to select a fishing excursion from all the various charter options?


The most important questions is to ask yourselves:


What type of species I am looking to target? 

The answer to this questions will get you on the right track.   

For example, if your answer was Sailfish, then the offshore fishing is the ideal option because Sailfish are found in the deep sea fishing grounds.

If you wanted to target Rooster Fish, that would take you to the Inshore Fishing trip.    

What species are found offshore?

Here is the list of the offshore species:

  1. Pacific Sailfish
  2. Mahi-Mahi (Dorado)
  3. Marlin
  4. Yellow Fin Tuna
  5. Wahoo

What species are found inshore?

Here is the list of inshore species:

  1. Rooster-Fish
  2. Spanish Mackarel
  3. Needle Fish
  4. Red Snapper
  5. Snook
  6. Mero
  7. Jack Crevalle

What type of bait is used for Inshore Fishing?


We use Palometa or Lizas, a type of live bait fish that works great for the inshore charters.

Is there an age limit? 


No, there is no age limit, our boats are suited for all types of passengers.

How far is Manuel Antonio to where to boats are located?


Manuel Antonio is roughly 7 to 10 minutes from the Marina Pez Vela located in downtown Quepos.

What are the rainy months in Costa Rica?

The Rainy Season in Manuel Antonio, Quepos is from May to December.

Much of the rain occurs in the afternoon and evening, with plenty of sunshine in the morning.

There is also normally a period of a few weeks, sometime in mid to late July, when the rain abates and the weather resembles the “Dry Season”.

August through November is hurricane season in the Atlantic, but the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is protected from the severe wins of those storms. Quepos does get rain, from those hurricanes, and there are sometimes several days of clouds and rain from those tropical storms..

How does the rain affect the fishing?


The Fishing is very good when it rains. After all, why would rain disturb fish? Duh.

Moreover, fishing is one of the least affected outdoor activities available in Costa Rica.

Most people find the comfort of a Luxury Yacht far preferable to trekking on the wet, slippery ground of the jungle.

Both of our Luxury Fishing Yachts have spacious air conditioned Cabins, where you can stay cool and dry.

That is a definite advantage over a small open boat.

While the Yacht is trolling, you can find plenty of shelter up on the enclosed Flybridge, or inside the spacious cabin.

The only time you might get wet is while you are actually reeling in that big fish.

Some even find the cooling rain refreshing.

Once you bring your fish aboard for a great photo, you can dry off and relax in the Main Salon, or one of the private Staterooms, as you come down from your adrenaline rush.

The most commonly caught Big Game Fish during the rainy season are: Pacific Sailfish, Dorado, and Marlin, Tuna

From where do out fishing boats depart?


Our Fishing Vessels depart from the Quepos Marina.

Our 42 ft Hatteras is located in Slip B-10 and our 36 ft Bertram is located in Slip D-4 in the new Marina Pez Vela, which is quickly developing into what many believe to be the Best Marina in Costa Rica.

How is the offshore fishing for young kids? Are they able to Reel In the Big Fish?


With the help of our professional captains and first mates, on both of our Luxury Fishing Vessels, small children have no problem “Reeling In” a Trophy Fish. 

Safety equipment such as life jackets are provided on board for both small children and adults.

Are all species ¨Catch and Release¨ or are we able to bring some home to prepare for dinner?

In Costa Rica, the offshore species such as Pacific Sailfish and Marlin must be “Catch and Release”. 

However, the Dorado and Tuna you can bring back to your hotel or villa for a delicious dinner.

There is nothing quite like Really Fresh Fish, which you have the satisfaction of knowing that you caught, yourself.

What is required to purchase the $15 fishing license per person.


You don’t need your passport to purchase the $15 fishing license. 

All you need is to write your name and your nationality. 

The fishing licenses are for the customers to keep during their charter, and are valid for an entire week.