Quepos Fishing Seasons


The Fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica is good year around, in every Season!

The Quepos Fishing Seasons do have several peak months for both Bill Fish and inshore species, so we recommend taking a look at our Quepos Fishing Seasons Chart.  

The Quepos Fishing Seasons Chart will serve as your guide, in determining which species are more abundant during each specific month of the year.  It is important to be as well informed as possible, so that you can plan your fishing vacation here in Quepos, Costa Rica. Each species of fish has a time during the year, when it can be found in large groups in either the offshore, or inshore fishing grounds of Quepos, Costa Rica.


Quepos is a true Fishing Paradise for all type of anglers. Whether a novice or avid fishermen, Quepos, Costa Rica is your #1 Sport Fishing Destination.

Quepos Fishing Seasons Chart

Quepos Fishing Season Chart

Quepos Fishing Seasons Chart



Sailfish: This species is the most popular in Quepos, Costa Rica. Anglers from all over the world come down to this area looking for a Sailfish and they are never disappointed. Sailfish can be found during any month. However, their peak season is from December to April.


Marlin: This species can be found in September through November. During the year, you may find Blue Marlin and Black Marlin but they tend to be further out than the Sailfish.


Tuna: This species is found year around and can range from 15 pounds to 200 pounds.


Dorado: They are known to give a great fight and are world famous for being a very tasty fish. They can be found on a regular basis year around. However, their peak season is in May.


Rooster fish; Many fishing anglers consider the Rooster fish to be one of the best catches there can be out at sea. Quepos, Costa Rica offers great inshore fishing where you can find Rooster fish on the mouths of the Costa Rican rivers.


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